Addons Arena(1v1)

An simple addons for 1v1 Servers with a lot of features. This Addons contains 6 Custom Round and over 70 Maps!


Addons OLDCS

Convert your CS:GO Server to a more retro one! And remember the Old Good Times of CS 1.6. Over 15 Maps ready for you and configured with Anti Rush


Addons Competitive

A funny addons for your community server! A lot of features are ready to you! VIP, Admins, Skins and a lot More!


Gloves Selector

Use all Gloves from CS:GO!
Only group Version Avalabile!


Glow for VIP Players.

Glow at round start for VIP Players!
Compatible with VIP CORE by R1KO


Skin Selector

Allow to select skins only for players that are in a specific steam group!
Free Version - Everybody can select skins! SCREENSHOTS


VIP & Admins Tab TAG

Other players can see if a player is VIP, ADMIN or Both from Scoreboard Tag.
Compatible with VIP CORE by R1KO


Install of VIP-CORE by R1KO

Instalaiton of 18 Modules and 3 VIP Groups. Tags, Money, Grenades, Glow, Connect Message, Special Effects, Chat Tags, Neon & Aura, Tracers, Grenade trails & More!


Money and Nades for VIPs

VIP with acces to this features get 16k$ every round & full Nade Pack. Pistol Rounds are excluded.
Compatible with VIP CORE by R1KO